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My interior map has been irrevocably stamped by the immigrant experience. I was born, in Bolivia of immigrant parents, raised in Israel, and then I moved to Canada as an adult. I have thus accumulated attachments to disparate places. Their contrasting cultures and man-made and natural environments have helped to mould the realm of my consciousness. They have also left me with the immigrant’s pervasive sense of dislocation and reconciliation. It is this dialectal experience that I have sought to explore in Mindscapes.

Alley and ColonnadeNomi drory_Mixed Medi
Alley and Colonnade_Nomi Drory_Mixed Med
Alley and Colonnade with Blue and Yellow
Nomi Drory Alley and Colonnade_2009.jpg
Memorial and Colonnade with Blue and Whi
Colonnade, Oil on Canvas, 30x60.jpg
Nomi Drory Memorial and Colonnade.jpg
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