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What if in an unexpected sudden way all the consciousness that we hold came under a fundamental breakpoint and put into question? What if we came to realize that the fundamental awareness about our own experience is proven to be faulty? things are in fact not as they seem to be, as we knew them to be, or as we believed them to be; That

In fact, our whole approach of rational, dialectic, ‘unit’ thinking of object/subsect based on Western Philosophy and Science does no longer work alone? That integration of another approach is required in order to make ‘sense’ and make meaning.

Enbodyvirinment is based on this new paradigm; A shift from orienting ourselves through our thought to firstly orienting ourselves through embodied experience. When the realm of our speech- thinking order moves into an unidentified order, where our attention is turned to the process of our body interacting with the environment it is lived in, as this interaction is our primal knowledge, as when we come to the world we first bodily  experience it then mind perceive it.


Enbbodyvironment explores these kinds of particular moments of responsiveness to being in the moment, with our body and within our environment, and it explores our perception in understanding the world at the same time as being in the world and engaging with it.



Tal Zolta


Keenan Kinnear: 

Dan drory- Lehrer: 

Rebecca Dalfin

Enbodyvironment was inspired by learning from :

- Focusing in Focusing on Borden

 - Alexander Technique in           Susan Sinclair Studio

Photgraphy credits:

Michal Tulpan

Dan Drory- Lehrer

Nomi Drory

This project was developed with the support of the Ontario Art Council

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