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In July 2021, the Municipality of Magnetawan published a call for submission for a mural in one of the walls of the Magnetawan Heritage Museum.  The Municipality of Magnetawan is situated on the Magnetawan River and is still operating one of the only manual lock systems left in Ontario. I chose to work on the wall that connects the Magnetawan Heritage Museum building to the historical cabin. this wall ‘hides’ the Magnetawn river with its rapids and the locks. When you enter the area, you don’t see the river, but you hear the sound of the rapids. Since the Magnetawan river has been historically a main artery in the life of town, the design of the mural is a visual timeline that encompasses the various activities on the river. I chose to depict the various water vessels that were used, from the initial indigenous canoe, the tugboats that transported logs, the steamboats transporting passengers and the Muskoka recreational boats.


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