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Drawing From the Body

In the series "Drawing From the Body' I explored what happens in a shift from 'thinking' to 'experiencing'.

I asked participants to create large drawings while moving with their whole body as they were drawing. The result was a series of non-representational drawings. The drawings become not only the space in which they were moving, but the record of their body response to their kinaesthetic state in the moment. 

The workshops participants were:

Visual art students in the specialized art program at Central Technical School, Toronto

Alternative health practitioners at Inner arts Collective, Toronto

Focusing practitioners at Focusing on Borden and Wholebody Focusing

Staff at  Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

Drawing From the Body was inspired by learning from :

- Focusing in Focusing on Borden

 - Alexander Technique in Susan Sinclair Studio

This project was developed with the support of the Ontario Art Council.

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