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Space- reconciled: Landscape Paintings

Artist Statement

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Having been born in Bolivia and raised in Israel, and having moved to Canada and lived for periods in Europe and Australia, I have accumulated attachments to a variety of places.

Each of the places in which I have lived has irrevocably stamped and moulded the realm of my experience with its own unique topography, climate and light. The map of my consciousness is a map of extremes: the frontiers of which run from the high celestial altitudes of the Bolivian Andes to the salted below-sea-level valley of the Dead Sea; from the scorched dryness of the Israeli Negev to the rolling snow-covered hills of Canada's northland.

Through my landscape painting, I have sought to reconcile these extremes. In each of my paintings, I have thus brought together images from two very different places. In doing so, I have also attempted to freshly capture the experience of seeing and inhabiting a newly imagined place. An experience that, for me, is akin to gazing into a vast distance, a distance of space as well as of time, evoking a dreamlike sense of memory.

I have also sought in my paintings to evoke the experience of looking through space from the inside onto the outside, both physically and metaphorically. The viewer of my paintings finds herself encased in a man-made environment, looking outdoors into a natural landscape—a reflection of my desire to reconcile my present urban life with my memories of, and longing for, nature.

My choice of materials and artistic process also reflects the notion of reconciliation through the use of new and old media. In the design of my paintings, I used photographs, manipulating them on the computer using Photoshop. I then reinterpreted the photographic images in oil paints on canvas.

In terms of my paintings' composition and design, I have been drawn to horizontal formats in order to recreate an expanse of space. I have also placed the two different images on each side of the canvas, setting the vanishing point for each somewhere in the middle. To evoke the fact that an elapse of time separated my real-life engagement with the two images, I have depicted each of them from a different eye level and point of view.