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Nomi Drory was born in Bolivia, raised in Israel, and then moved to Canada as an adult. Through her experience as an immigrant she developed both a pervasive sense of dislocation and a paradoxical attachment to disparate places. The contrasting cultures, and man-made and natural environments, of four continents have helped to direct the material and thematic content of her art. Nomi's training in Israel as an architect between 1983- 1989 has also influenced her artistic process and concerns. Nomi is merging her background in architecture with her painterly approach to develop a mixed media series that deals with her cultural history and identity.

After Nomi immigrated to Canada in 1995, she completed the adult art program at The Art Centre of central Technical school in Toronto. Her artistic development is linked with The Art Centre, as she has been teaching Drawing and Painting there since 2000.

Through her artistic carriers Nomi explores a variety of media and disciplines. She began exhibiting in Israel, in 1989, where she exhibited her final thesis project for her Batchelor degree in Architecture, which won her a first prize in Architectural Design. In 1995 Nomi exhibited drawings and ceramic sculptures in Sydney Australia.

In 1999 Nomi turned her focus to oil painting. Her paintings were exhibited in commercial galleries and art fairs in Toronto and New York. Her work is part of the University of Toronto art Collection, as well as many private collections.  

Recently Nomi is developing a series of installations combining drawing and painting with video projections. Her work explores the potential for discord and harmony resulting from bringing together traditional and new media. Nomi's work directs the attention on the surprising, contradicting, at times absurd elements of contemporary life.